Gravure & Marquage au Laser

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 La Sous-Traitance de Gravure,Marquage,Découpe au Laser


   Pourquoi le Laser ?


La diversité des matériaux utilisés est une caractéristique fondamentale de ce métier; le bois, le caoutchouc ou les matières plastiques nécessitent d’utiliser un système laser CO2, tandis que les métaux tels que l’acier inoxydable sont généralement marqués directement à l’aide d’un laser Nd:YAG

Le Laser est une concentration de rayons de lumière fins, rectilignes et puissants.

Marquage permanent, indélébile et infalsifiable : il évite la contrefaçon.

Les solutions laser occupent une place de plus en plus importante dans l’industrie automobile et l’aviation.L’appareil de marquage au laser permet d’étiqueter des pièces automobiles de façon permanente, résistante à l’abrasion et aux produits chimiques. Cela permet de marquer toutes sortes d’informations comme les codes barres, les codes des matrices de données, les numéros de série, la date et l’heure de production, le code de l’équipe et même des logos.



  • Loisirs Créatifs sur devis
  • Découpe médium
  • Contre plaqué
  • Carton
  • Papier
  • Feutrine
  • Plexi
  • Lettrage

English version.

Laser engraving machines ,(also known as laser etching machines,or laser cutters,  have rapidly been gaining in popularity, Both for the precise clarity of the results and the speed at which they operate.

In the process, A laser beam is programmed to create a design on a wide range of materials. These materials can be organic, like paper, stone, wood, rubber and leather, Or they can be plastic or metal. Lasers create a nicely polished edge as they vaporize or cut controlled portions of the material in your designated pattern.

Lasers engravers can be called upon for cutting, engraving, scribing, drilling, marking and other related modeling techniques. They can be used for pretty much anything you can think of that's etched or imprinted, whether it's a picture frame, trophy, printed circuit board or jewelery, You name it. 

Laser cutters can also be handy in industrial settings, Anywhere from prototype production to mass production

How does Laser Engraving work?

Laser cutting and engraving is a non-contact operation, so allowing delicate and fragile materials to be processed. A far-infra-red energy beam is produced by the laser tube and directed via mirrors to a moving focus lens and hence onto the workpiece. At the focus point the beam is approximately 0.125mm in diameter (about the diameter of a human hair) : the high concentration of energy at the focus point instantly vapourises (vaporizes) the workpiece material, making a mark or cut as required.

Artwork is drawn in Corel Draw on a PC. The computer’s “printer driver” interprets hairlines as cutting lines whilst thicker lines and filled areas are interpreted as engravings. Bit-maps (e.g. photos) may also be engraved

What is the maximum size you can handle?

Maximum cutting/engraving area : 960 x 610mm (38" x 24") Maximum depth of workpiece : approx 177mm (7”) Cutting capability is according to the material 

Translation By Marcus DURANT  many thanks Marcus!